GLITCH FREE crews are skilled & reliable.

We are proud of our reputation.  We've earned it.
Our crews are skilled & qualified in the various requirements of the event industries - specialist riggers & steel crew; lighting, visual & audio technicians; power reticulation & electrical expertise; & drivers, security & traffic management.  We have your crew needs covered.

Our staff retention rate is high as we train our crew like a well drilled team - with the satisfaction that comes from high level of delivery & great team work...

 _labour / stage crew / riggers
drivers / operators

_skilled technicians : lx / audio / visual

* "GLITCH FREE are the best & most efficient crew around.
Every major stage & event build in New Zealand includes GLITCH FREE in some way... just awesome!"

- Joff Rae - producer




_visuals / projection / led walls 



GLITCH FREE crews are familiar with the equipment for the job... our ticketed & highly experienced riggers have built the largest temporary concert structures in New Zealand; we have installed the most impressive interactive & responsive systems for brand exercises; & we treat every job - small or large like it's the most important thing we need to achieve.  We act with precision & build to exact specification using the best equipment available while considering budget & value.  Leave your technical rider with us!


You can depend on GLITCH FREE equipment!

Health & Safety

GLITCH FREE PRODUCTIONS maintain a high standard in H&S & Risk reduction

event services

GLITCH FREE PRODUCTIONS arrange all aspects of an event from the espresso coffee to the entertainment & the printed program through to the promotional video online...



  • LICENSED BAR FACILITIES - facilities for Food & Beverage over 500PAX with 4 LCQ Bar Managers on staff; mobile bar services including stock delivery & staff, license applications & requirements.

  • COFFEE - we have mobile espresso & food facilities for location services. The best way to look after crew or site staff including all catering & hospitality services.

  • SITE MANAGEMENT - our site management includes security & egress, power & water reticulation & traffic management.



  • ARTISTS & REPERTOIRE - we have a roster of premium artists, performers & hosts for any event entertainment or hosting.

  • IP DEVELOPMENT - we'll develop your ideas for you! We make good ideas GREAT!


Print / media

  • DIGITAL & WEB DESIGN - graphic & web design including online & social media management; mobile apps.

  • VIDEO & ANIMATION - specialist video production for online & broadcast needs; drones for effective capture.

  • PRINT - posters / flyers; magazine / bound; signage / flags; billboards & street advertising / mass media. Digital print requirements for every aspect of event printing.

GLITCH FREE Productions provide all compliance & delivery of Food & Beverage, Resource Consent & other regulatory requirements & event services for large scale events in an exclusive partnership with Plan BETA Limited [ ]